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Natural Relief Therapy is a form of body treatment that is based upon three key concepts:
  1. That your body already has everything you need to heal itself naturally.
  3. That your blood is the cleanser that cleans your body.

When you are injured, or exposed to infection your body produces a series of substances that target the injury. Some are meant to STOP the extent of the injury. (Such as the clotting of blood)

Other substances are produced in order to START the process of healing. (This would include things like the formation of a scab or scar tissue)

Both the "start " and the "stop" processes occur without any conscious decision on your part. Your nerves signal your brain to tell your cells to produce everything that is required to recover.

These healing substances are transported to the site of injury BY YOUR BLOOD AND LYMPH SYSTEM.

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Pathogens such as bacteria and virus have also developed their own form of defenses. These defense systems PRODUCE TYPES OF TOXINS that can interfere with and block healing substances from arriving at the site of injury. There are many different ways this can happen.

Toxins produced by pathogens can PRODUCE FALSE SIGNALS to ATTRACT THE DISEASE FIGHTING ANTIBODIES AWAY from their intended target.

Toxins produced by pathogens can cause "PHANTOM PAIN" and trick the body into that an injury has occurred elsewhere. (This is much like the process where someone whose leg has been amputated thinks that the leg is still there and that it itches)

Toxins produced by pathogens can mimic antigens and PHYSICALLY BIND TO ANTIBODIES thus RENDERING THEM UNAVAILABLE to fight disease.

Toxins produced by pathogens lead to the FORMING FIBERS THAT ARE DEPOSITED along the walls of blood vessels, and nerves thus BLOCKING THE FLOW OF CRITICAL HEALING INFORMATION and impeding the free circulation of blood. Some toxins are deposited deep in to muscle tissue in the form of cysts or fluid filled capsules.

2. "DEFENSIVE TOXINS"-Toxins that our body produces.

Some types of toxins are produced by invading organisms such as bacteria, fungus, virus. Other types of toxins are PRODUCED NATURALLY BY THE BODY in order to kill off or "poison" invading organisms. These we call "Defensive toxins."

3. "ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS"- Toxins that our body absorbs from environment, food, water.

Still other types of toxins can enter your body through environmental exposure to chemicals, pesticides, food etc. All of these toxins can build up and form deposits inside your body.

YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM-Your personal army that fights off illness for you.

Your immune system is the army that your body uses to ward off infection. When you are exposed to an attack by foreign particles a healthy immune system sends out layer after layer of antibodies. (lGa, lGm,lGg etc.) These are like specialized soldiers marching in line after line to attack the invaders.

You might have the scouts, then the snipers, then the Marines, then the heavy artillery support from Navy vessels then the air support from The Air Force etc. Then you have the rescue and clean up teams, Medics, and Evacuation teams that come into assists that injured, transport the deceased. Then you have the fresh, well rested and well fed, relief troops that replace the tired front line soldiers, with new energetic ones.

The Success of any war ultimately DEPENDS UPON A STRONG COMMUNICATION SYSTEM this occurs inside of your blood stream. If the blood and lymph are not flowing lines of communication are cut, your "internal Internet" crashes, all signals are lost and the "General" has no way to communicate with his front line troops. When this happens, serious illness will ensue. Without proper blood flow, the body cannot coordinate a successful counter attack and cannot commence its healing campaign by bringing in new fresh blood and nutrients.

NATURAL RELIEF THERAPY increases the circulation of blood and lymph, breaks up and pushes out old deposits of toxins and brings new blood and nutrients to the site of injury so that natural healing can occur.


The first session focuses on CLEANING UP AND CLEARING OUT deep deposits of toxins. It increases the circulation of blood and lymph to and from the vital organs of your body especially your liver. You can feel the difference for yourself between one side of the body where the work has occurred and the other side. Patients have reported feeling more energetic, increased alertness and improved mobility after just the first session.


Follow up sessions target layer after layer of toxic deposits getting to the core of the problem. As soon as you clear up one level of toxins the next layer will come to the surface until they are cleaned out. New blood begins to flow freely, and your body returns to normal functioning. Your body has to "relearn" a more healthy way of dealing with toxins.

In 8 times of doing NATURAL RELIEF THERAPY your body is replaced with new blood thru the whole blood system, which heals allot of problems.


Any level of trauma, physical, mental, emotional, can have a deleterious effect on your body. If you have been in combat, for example, you may jump, or take cover whenever you hear a loud noise. This is a type of "cellular memory". New mind/body association must be created. The body has to "remember" at a cellular level, what it is like to function normally. This works with the mind, body, and spirit to heal itself naturally.

No matter, what the disease or level of injury, Candida, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Lyme disease, Alzheimer's Disease, head trauma, neurological injury you can employ NATURAL RELIEF THERAPY to assist in healing. Our goal is to restore as much function as possible by eliminating toxins that impede healthy circulation that stand between and your individual ultimate good health and happiness.

A "miracle" has been defined as being an injured person who has said their prayers and done their homework. You have to fight for good health. This takes, dedication, concentration, knowledge, and training to make it back from illness and injury. Ask any Olympic athlete. They will tell you the importance of putting together a winning team-a coach, a personal trainer, good doctor, and a body therapist who knows the route to healing. I am happy to join you in your journey back to health. I have been doing this for over 42 years with wonderful results.